Monday, October 08, 2007

Celebrate Good Times

Mom's surgery went very well! The surgeon reported that he was able to get all of the visible tumor out, and they sent it off to a research lab to test it against different chemos to find one that will work for mom specifically. So the next step would be one more round of chemo once they find an effective type. Brynne and I got to go to Houston to surprise her, and we had a great time visiting her in the hospital.
After the dr. came out of surgery to report it went great, dad and I slipped down to get some lunch. On our way, we saw this amazing statue of Jesus standing with His hand on a woman knelt before Him, with the following scripture below it:
Matthew 14:14 - "He had compassion on them, and they were healed." We both stopped in our tracks, and gave praise with tears in our eyes. He is too good. Mom got not just a second, but a fourth chance. May we never forget that or take His grace for granted.
The following weekend, Brynne and I headed to Corpus to visit Amy - a trip we have had planned for forever! Brynne got to experience the beach for the first time...and loved it!

Introduction to the Ocean

I Love it!

What is this stuff?

Yuck! Tastes a little gritty. Sometimes I'm too fast for mommy, but not for my own good!

Brynne & AnnMarie

Enjoying the View...the Bathing Beauty that I am!

Amy introduced me to the deeper waters!

I'm a fan!