Saturday, March 19, 2011


Many of you know Beau began working with St. Jude Medical almost a year ago, training to become a territory manager in the neuromodulation division. He absolutely loves his job and it is a perfect fit for his skill set. Since January, they have put Beau on a temporary case covering for a territory manager in Hawaii on maternity leave. He has been flying there every 2 weeks and staying there for 2 weeks. The company would benefit more from him being there full time for a number of reasons, so they have agreed to move us there for the remaining 4 months of his assignment.

We have missed him so much and are so excited God has worked out the details for us all to be together all the time. The company is leasing a townhome of a family that is doing the same thing as us, (they too have children), and have kept it furnished for us. The townhome is in a great neighborhood, an area where Beau works often, and it is a central location for him to store his medical supplies. It is walking distance to the store, park, beach, and restaurants, and Beau has already met the neighbors (and lots of kids!). Beyond our wildest imagination, God unfolded every detail for us to be able to stay there. It's an opportunity we would never have otherwise had and a great stage in our life to do it. We're excited to teach our children about a different culture, for the adventure we will get to take as a family, for getting involved in the acts 29 church plant there, and most of all getting to be together. What a blessing to show our children that when God get up and go! We'll miss our friends and family deeply, but we know the time will go by quickly!

The girls and I will be there April 10th through early August!

Our address is

1111A Akipohe St.

Kailua, HI 96734

I hope to blog about our adventure as much as possible!

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Off She Goes!

Madelyn took a few steps before her first birthday, and after one week, she is all over the place!