Saturday, November 25, 2006

A lot to be Thankful for

Happy Thanksgiving Friends!!

We have so much to be thankful for....

1. an intimate relationship with Christ that brings joy, peace, and purpose to our lives

2. an amazing family, marriage, and a precious baby on the way

3. a home, jobs, food, clothes, friends, and the list goes on and on.....

Psalm 107:8 - Let them give thanks to the Lord for His loyal love, and for the amazing things he has done for people!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Couples Baby Shower

What a blast - having friends over to bar-b-que as Amanda and Amy hosted a couples shower for us. It was a ton of fun and so neat to have all our worlds come together! We feel truly blessed for every one of those friends and can't even describe the wonderful friendships we have with Amy & Amanda. They are both such a God-send, with hearts for the Lord that encourage, sharpen, and love me in ways that turn my heart to God in praise. I pray that everyone finds friends like them.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Brynne is coming soon!

We finished up Brynne's room this weekend. Here' some pics for the distant family and friends to see. It's so exciting that she is almost here. We have made many futile attempts to prepare our spoiled lab for what is about to happen. The dog trainer has said to use a doll to train him - but between him liking it to death, jumping up to lick the feet, and pulling off the doll clothes when we're not watching, we have been failing miserably. Beau says labs are the best child dog their is, it's just going to take time. However, we had a victory this weekend and I had to share. Rocky actually feels the need to protect us when I rock her and this doll cries - which sends Rocky into a fussy to protect it because something is wrong! I'm looking forward to the days when Brynne will be able to cuddle with Rocky like we do. Right now, he's the prince of this house and rules it to no end. The spoiled puppy is in for a rude awakening in 6-7 weeks!!