Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Visit from Pops and Auntie M

We were very excited for Pops and my Aunt Margaret to come visit us! We made great memories touring all over the place and experiencing Oahu to it's fullest. The enjoyed museums, Pearl Harbor, the beach, a luau, and we even drug them on a hike or two!

Took the best dad ever to eat on Father's Day at the restaurant behind us overlooking the mountains. LOVE this man!

I could post a million pictures, but I'll keep it down to the luau pictures. They are just too funny...

Brother and sister at the luau

Can't leave out this cutie

Monday, June 27, 2011


Between gymnastics, soccer camp, and VBS, Brynne is sure staying busy!

She loves getting to monkey around!

This is official stuff, shinguards and all

Madelyn loved getting to watch her "Ben" on the last night of VBS...and thought she was just as good at performing the songs as all the other kids!

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Honolulu Zoo

We really enjoy the zoo here! They have very unique birds and it's not crowded with people. Beau and I seem to enjoy it just as much as the kids!

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Happy 7 Year Anniversary!

For our anniversary, Julie watched the girls so Beau and I could get away. We got to do a hike we can't take the girls on, where you can climb up to a WWII lookout bunker. We were actually able to sit on top of it and enjoy the view for awhile (and enjoy the quiet). Then we stayed at a friend's bed and breakfast and enjoyed a great date night out on the town! We enjoyed eating out the next day and reading at a coffee shop...you know, the things you don't get to do much with kiddos! Happy Anniversary to the most wonderful husband in the world! The Lord daily strengthens and refines our relationship, teaching us more about Him. I am so thankful for a husband who shows me and our children the love of Christ.

Summertime Fun

cookie making helpers

Searching for baby turtles in the bay (in front of the house where Obama stayed for Christmas)

The race track cake I made for Justin's 5th birthday