Saturday, December 10, 2011

December Whirlwind

We moved everything to Belton, mid November...but we have barely been home! Life is nothing short of CRAZY this month. We have continued back and forth between Dallas and Belton for Thanksgiving and for the girls to finish out the semester at their school. I also ran the White Rock Half Marathon Dec. 4th, (in the cold, pouring rain and wind..but the sis-in-law and I had trained for 3 months and were determined to finish). Coming up we have Brynne's Christmas party, Brynne's Birthday and party, and Brynne's surgery (adenoidectomy) on the 16th. Then it's Christmas and my partial hysterectomy on the 27th. Like I said..crazy. We covet your prayers this month and look forward to the time when we can actually settle down in Belton and make it more of a home.