Friday, May 30, 2008

4 Year Anniversary

Beau and I celebrated 4 wonderful years yesterday! Time is flying...
From the first year of being married....

To the second year of finishing up PT school, pursuing our relationship while we lived in different cities for 3 months, starting a new job, and Beau "surviving" his old job. We bought our first house that year...that was a fun memory!

To the fun-filled year of pregnancy. In the cloudyness of morningsickness and working too much, Beau wondering if he had married godzilla...I do remember the wonderful belated honeymoon we took (3 months pregnant) and the wonderful day we met Brynne at the end of that year!

The fourth year of learning how to parent. I must say, it has been the best yet. New jobs, new stage, and the amazing joy of Brynne. Who knew it could be so amazing. I never knew I could love so much...both her and my hubby!

Then to today - a blessed family of 3 on our anniversary....

Here's to many more wonderful years! Will they slow down a bit?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Summer is here!

These pigtails are too hard to resist when she asks for more "gummies!"

What mom? I am helping with the laundry!

Too cool! Brynne LOVES her sunglasses!

Brynne loves her baby pool too!

The Texas heat is back and our little fish is all about the water. She begs to play in the sprinkler and screams her heart out when we have to leave the pool. Did we mention that the terrible two's have arrived a bit early? Lord help us.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Working Hard

Just had to share a Brynne story.
I have been working to put in flowerbeds in the backyard. Yesterday, like usual, Brynne was playing in the sprinkler while I was digging the flowerbed. She came over and sat down next to me and said "flower mommy!" Then she picked up one of the hand-held hoes that I had been using, and began to dig. 16 months, and after just watching what is going on, she understands you have to dig in the dirt so the flowers can come.
Beau and I really want our children to understand the importance of a good work ethic. This day and age, especially where we live, the majority pay someone to do their work for them. This is not always bad, for I do understand that some things are way too tedious/laborsome and really do take away from family time. Children who grow up on farms saw this daily, but today's suburbian children get far too little tastes of this. Beau and I hear it too often how people can't belive we don't have a lawn service. Yet at 16 months, Brynne already understands - mommy works, then the flowers come. Brynne actually helped me to dig that flowerbed..and she had a blast. I do wonder if the average Frisco family "worked" with their children, if then maybe we would have less of a problem with our children thinking money grows on trees, acting spoiled, or assuming that we can just pay someone else to take care of our things. I think Brynne will know she helped with those flowers every time she passes them, and feel proud. She'll also learn about how things grow. It was fun mommy-baby bonding! My eyes teared up as she began to dig with me..she's getting too big, too fast.
More pics to come...for Brynne to see in the future what she helped start!

Friday, May 02, 2008

Time with friends

Our best friends were in town last weekend...refreshment to my soul! Meet Baby Allie, EDA mid they say. Amy's betting on May!

We have been having a blast with the Arrington family these days! The girls sure love to play together!

The things we do as mothers...