Saturday, February 18, 2012

Birthday Palooza

Brynne turned 5 in December! She had a blast with her buddies at an indoor bounce house!

Then Beau and I celebrated our birthdays in January and Madelyn celebrated her 2nd birthday with an Elmo party in February!

A 5 year old and a 2 year old...really? How is this possible if we're still 29?

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Closing down 2011

We are not quite settled in Temple yet. The girls and I ended up living with my dad for most of the past month and a half while the girls finished school, Brynne had her school Christmas and birthday party, Brynne had an adenoidectomy surgery, then Christmas, and I had a partial hysterectomy. Whew...we made it! Crazy times. Meanwhile Beau is working hard in Temple getting his territory up and rolling.

For Brynne, she caught croup in September, which inflammed her adenoids to the point of no return causing sleep apnea. Beau and I experienced some scary few weeks as we sat up listening to her horrible snoring and gasping for air. It got better a few weeks later, but the Dr said it would come back with each cold. Talk about night and day difference from after surgery and before. Before croup, she had none of the signs of large adenoids, (besides her genetics), but the Dr. said they were the largest he had ever seen. Now she can breathe well and sleeps so soundly...and quitely!

Patient Number One...she was so brave...and boy did she give us a laugh once the laughing gas started to work! Proud of my big 5 year old!

Patient Number Two

I still can't believe I have had two children and a hysterectomy all before turning 32. Then again, I have felt "young" for many of my life experiences thus far. Everyone asks if they found cancer because of my family history-nope, just a prolapsed uterus from big babies...guess I kinda signed up for that when I married a 6'6 man!

Now for Maddy. Sweet girl's hair is in pig tails every day...and will be for awhile until the mullet grows enough to where we can cut it! This child is hilarious...she has such a funny personality and keeps us rolling all the time! She does silly dances around the house and makes it her goal at dinner to make Brynne laugh. Can't believe she is almost 2!

I know...a mini-Beau

This year has definitely been a year of travel and flexibility! Brynne's teacher told me at her year-end review that she was the most flexible student she has had in regards to change...Ha! I would hope so after living in frisco, then hawaii, then frisco, then temple, then with Dad, all in one year! We have enjoyed our experiences but are ready to get settled all together again.
Here's our family pic at Christmas, (attempt 427. we have given up on Maddy smiling upon cueing).

Happy New Year and new adventures!