Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy easter! We were able to join the neighbors for church, an egg hunt, brunch, and swimming!

We went to the children's museum in Honolulu. It was 3 stories, with each level set up like a little town. It wasn't so much for entertainment as it was imagination. Each area was set up so kids could pretend they were a vet, doctor, grocery shopping, and on other levels, in China, Hawaii, Philippines, etc... Brynne could have spent all day there!

Maddy's Room

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Before I can post a bunch of fun pics, I wanted to update about the events that have unfolded here. My sweet friend Julie I told you about invited us to have Easter brunch with her and her friend V (who has a hubby in the military and was out of town for Easter). Julie's parents were out of town, so all three of us coordinated Easter dinner over email to eat and swim at Julie's parent's house (calling her V for protection)
The Saturday night before Easter, Julie comes over frantic because she just received word V's oldest son had committed suicide. 20 min later, we have Julie's two kids and V's 4 other kids in our home and Beau is mass producing macaroni and cheese. Since then, we have been helping Julie as much as possible so she can support V.
Needless to say, Beau and I have walked the road of grief and walked the road of grief with several friends over the past two years. The Lord has prepared us for this in so many ways, more than I imagined. I was able to think clearly about initial course of action when V and Julie couldn't, help cook and clean for Easter to keep things normal for the kids, help with the kids, set up a care calendar for food and childcare for V, lead them to websites and other places for dealing with grief, encourage Julie and offer things that worked for us before,...the list goes on and on.
Let me say, scripture is clear God doesn't need me. He will provide and protect these families on His own. Having said that, He is faithful to use the comfort He has given us to comfort others. God has confirmed being here was the best thing for us as a family. He provided the means to get here, people to use our cars and home, an amazing neighbor who I have spent every day with like we have known each other forever, an amazing group of women to take over the women's ministry back home, and now a ministry opportunity I never saw coming. Sometimes we have in our minds what missions look like....I didn't realize so much until now that missions can sometimes be what you already know. Seriously, Hawaii is behind the times technology wise in everything. They use VHS tapes still...enough said. So setting up a care calendar to help the church ladies help V instead of bombarding her is ministry to them. Cleaning and caring for children, ministry. We have prayed the Lord would use us here...He is faithful.
I could write a ton more on all this...but there are children to be tended to. Pray for V and Julie. V has a lot of children. Pray for their grief management and that their child-like minds could understand God as their comforter and big brother. The service is tuesday, may 3rd.
Thanks. Aloha (means good-bye, hello, love, or whatever you want it to in Hawaiian)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Week 2

We've adjusted more to the time change and differences here. Beau has been working hard, and is gone half the days with the car, so I've had to get creative with what to do with the girls. My neighbors have been amazing. I truly believe they are a reason why we are here. Day 2 - Julie is on my front porch with toys, groceries, a list of things to do (and avoid), and dinner. Seriously? The Lord's provision with this transition has been amazing. I feel like I have known Julie forever and we have spent time together everyday since we have been here.We are a great fit to encourage one another, and we have already started a bible study together. And our kids, they love each other. If you're reading this, please pray for Julie and her husband Joel right now - that they would continue to be a bright light in their community.

Standing on the street below, looking up at our townhome. Ours is at the very top on the far end.

Kailua Town party was last week. It's a festival they do once a year where they shut down the main street in town, and all the restaurants and vendors come out. We even got to see several hula dancers!

Brynne going down the slide at the festival

A common view on our drive

Lanikai Beach

Little miss independent thinks she needs to feed herself...all the time!

The girls have gotten much better at playing with one another and entertaining themselves. I'm so thankful for how they love each other!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Aloha from Hawaii!

We are loving the townhome and region we live in. It's a favorite place of the locals and we can see why. Everywhere we walk, the scene is gorgeous. So far I have walked to the town every morning to get groceries with the girls in the double stroller, and on thursday we went to the town farmer's market. It's neat to see the things that are similar, and that which is different. The sense of community here is amazing, and next time I'll blog about our neighbors that we have been so blessed by. I love the casual everything..Beau and I fit right in wearing our work out clothes all the time, hair always up due to humidity, and everyone is "family." There is no ac - everyone has open windows all the time (but you can hear get close quick that way). THe other night I was washing dishes while Beau was outside with the girls and all the kids. I kept hearing "uncle Beau," and wondering "what in the world?" Then my neighbor told me that in Hawaii, you call neighbors aunt and uncle instead of mr./mrs. as a generous gesture saying "you're like family." Every time we walk outside, the kids yell "Hi auntie Mel!" I hope to post pictures of them soon!

Pics from the flight. The first flt and layover were a breeze, the second was brutal...but we survived!

The Front of our Condo

The view from the porch on a cloudy day

The view from the living room

The kitchen and living room

the grassy area in front of our house the kids play on every evening

The girls favorite hiding spot

The girls at the market. They were not nearly as impressed as me! All the local fresh fruits and veggies you can imagine. The only thing in Hawaii that is cheap!

And this is what will soon be my fabulous new scar. I hit my head on a window shutter that I didn't see and split it open! 8 stitches later, we're at the beach

brynne and daddy in the water

the view from the hill near our townhome

Monday, April 11, 2011

All settled

We are all settled in our condo in Hawaii and enjoying it. The travel day was smooth except for Madelyn's meltdown around bedtime. We left our Frisco home at 10am to get to the airport and walked into our Hawaii condo at 2 am (Frisco time). Long day, but we were thankful for the many mercies throughout the day.
We're working on getting adjusted to the time change...we hear it takes a week. We got our bags unpacked, went to breakfast, grocery shopped, and took a scenic drive this morning. Brynne and I enjoyed a jog to the park so she could play.
Tonight we were blessed to know all the neighbors with kids come out into the grassy knoll in front of our condo every night. Brynne met several new friends and had a blast. I think we will really like hanging out with our next door neighbors, whose kids are 5 and 2. Beau had met them before, and they were so kind to have a few baby items waiting for us here when we arrived.
I hope to post pictures soon! Thanks to the friends who have been faithful in praying for our adjustment!

Saturday, April 09, 2011

A few cute pics

My Duck

Sweet girl watching airplanes waiting to pick up daddy from the airport (for the last time :o))

What happens when left alone with a bowl of mashed potatoes

The pantry thief

Friday, April 08, 2011

a pic of the place

Can't believe it - but Molly Piper, daughter of the famous John Piper, is going where we are going the same day. And, she managed to post a picture of our beach...check it out -
Crazy - that's literally our beach, and our home is 1 mile SW from the back of that neighborhood.

A going away get together

Our sweet church friends can always find a reason to they gave us a "temporary going away party," and it was so much fun! They rented a clubhouse that had a park and 2 bounce houses for the kids. Good gosh there was food and they gathered to pray over us. We were so blessed by it all and love local body of Christ the Lord has allowed us to be a part of. No words can describe the depths hearts feel when you get in the Word and pray together and live life together. We will miss them dearly!

(notice the "whatever" on the sign...hilarious)