Saturday, March 14, 2009

Fun Times

I walked into this the other day...

Girlfriend has figured out how to brush her teeth on her own and drags this stool everywhere in our house to get what she wants. Lord knows how much toothpaste this child has swallowed in her lifetime.
Below is princess day at the movie theatre. Brynne's first official trip to the movie theatre and she got to enjoy it with her friends Kaelyn and Shae. They were taught how to curtsy and twirl, then we watched the movie "Mulan."

Brynne had a super fun birthday party to attend last weekend for a boy in her class. His family had a company come to their home that brought a petting zoo! She had a blast holding chickens, ducks, and bunnies. She got to feed goats, a horse, and a cow...then to top it off, there as a pony ride at the end. the middle of a neighborhood in Dallas suburbia. It was crazy!

My other kid...

This girl loves her daddy...her one and only boyfriend according to him!

Monday, March 09, 2009


We were able to get some fun pics of Brynne last weekend, but before we post them, I felt the need to mention Mom. Although the purpose of this blog is to highlight Brynne's life, I don't want to disrespect my mom by not mentioning her again or by acting like we have all moved on. We miss her very much, think of her often, mourn her not being here, and we definitely still have tough days...especially Dad. It gets a tad easier every day, because the Lord grants us peace, strength, and a love for Him that makes my heart sing "whatever Your will Lord, I will follow...He gives and takes heart will choose to say, Lord, blessed be Your name." It's not the path we'd choose, but as history and prophets have shown, our true love for Him is revealed when life hands us what we don't want.
We need continued prayer - not only for healing, but strength as we face cleaning out and selling the old house, making the new one a home, and Dad moving forward with his new life in Aubrey. Many people don't have to face cleaning out their spouse's things and clothes for a year...but my parents were in the process of moving and we had to face these difficult things right away - in addition to dealing with the painful memories of her tragic death. Many friends have helped on both ends and we can't say enough how blessed we feel. Dad has a great new job, great new neighbors, and a beautiful new home. I pray daily that He would draw near to the Lord through this time and let God minister to his hurting heart. I choose to believe God will bring good out of this and that He will heal our hearts towards joyful memories of Mom. We love and miss you Mom! We're choosing to step forward and love others more as Mom would want. If she could tell us right now, standing there next to Jesus, I know she would remind us of Isaiah 43 that our purpose on this earth is to KNOW and BELIEVE Him, and that every day should be spent as it was our last day on earth to fulfill this purpose.